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It’s hard to imagine modern life without courier services, which is exactly why today you can find a wide range of companies, providing package or parcel deliveries. But how does one choose the most suitable carrier from that vast variety of offers? For those residing in Australia, the answer is quite obvious − it is Express post (a.k.a. Auspost). The list of Australia Post services is quite extensive and they offer a lot of advantages to their customers. Not only is it the biggest and well-trusted national company with a long history and office network that covers the entire country, but they also deal with international deliveries. Sending your parcel with this carrier you’ll receive a high-quality service, and your parcel will be delivered anywhere in the world right on time.

  • Where is my package, man?

    Thanks to tracking option, you can get your answer in a matter of seconds. gives you an opportunity to find out the parcel whereabouts at any desired time. Just enter your individual parcel number into the required field and click on the “track” button. Your tracking results are just one click away.

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  • I can’t track my package. What do I do wrong?

    If you faced this situation, don’t worry - you can find a solution easily. The most frequent reasons are:

    • a mistake sneaked into the entered data (in this case some symbol are misprinted or missing), better check it one more time;
    • the database and Australia Post website are under maintenance – try again in 3-4 hours;
    • internet connection failed on your device - try to reconnect;
    • the Post does not deliver this package – contact the sender.
  • How do I contact Au Post?

    If you want to get in touch with the carrier directly, there are several possible ways to do that, namely:

    • use customer support phone numbers mentioned above;
    • submit an inquiry using online-form at company’s website;
    • visit your local Australia Post office.
  • Can my Australia Post parcel be delivered not to my home address?

    The postal business is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of the new century; sending or receiving your mail becomes easier day by day. Now there’s no need to wait in lines at post offices or spend your day at home trying not to miss the delivery in order to get your mail. If you find it inconvenient to adjust to company’s business hours, you might enjoy using a parcel locker service for picking your mail up at any time of day (or night). But where does one find these lockers? The list of all the Australia Post locations can be found at where you can choose the desired location type and find the nearest one in your area. You can also find an instruction on how to organize delivery into the parcel locker at carrier’s website.

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  • My international parcel is being held by customs, what to do?

    There’s no need to worry, this problem can be solved easily. There are a whole lot of reasons for this kind of problem, that’s why first of all you should specify the exact reason why this is happening to your parcel. To get your answers, please contact the customs department of Australia Post online at Australia Customs Departament or call them on 13 13 18. They will guide you through all the procedures required for successful custom clearance for each particular parcel.

  • My parcel is lost. Who’s to blame and what do I do?

    We are not here to put the blame on anybody, but if such a thing happened, we advise you to first of all contact the sender and inform them that there is a difficulty with the parcel. After that the sender should contact their local postal office, and file a complaint to the company. With Australia Post missing parcel can be found in no time, all that needs to be done is filling in and submitting a complaint form in order to initiate search for the item. When the investigation is finished, the sender will receive a detailed report about all the movements of the parcel in question and decide what can be done, based on the received info.

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Australia Post review by MB


Very happy with delivery time

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Australia Post review by Brent Scurry


Aust Post sent my Classic Car Rego to Casino NSW instead of Rowville, Vic using P.O Box as a postcode, just stupid.

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Australia Post review by Jamie


What are garbage service? No wonder they’re losing money. Sending parcels all over the country. Only to send them back.

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Australia Post review by Jamie


Never get packages delivered. Have to go find them you are disgusting, useless service

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Australia Post review by Peter


I send at least 3 parcels a week to all locations. It's amazing that l can get parcels from Geelong to Boronia in under 24hrs. To North Cairns in 3 Business days. What l find the most amazing is that the negative rhetoric left by few doesn't cover the other 1 million parcel positives.

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Australia Post review by KC


I will try to avoid using Australian post at all cost for their express mail service, not reliable and arrive after months for their so call express services, unable to even rate one star for them.

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