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If you’ve ever had the misfortune of your important mail being misplaced or delivered to the wrong address, UPS tracking is the thing you might find quite useful for your personal and business deliveries. No matter if you are a regular customer, or use company’s services once in a while, being aware of the current location of your package is a blessing, available for every customer owing to the introduction of electronic UPS tracking system. Now each piece of mail is carefully registered and information for it is updates along the way of delivery.

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  • How do I use UPS tracking website?

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    In order to search for most recent information on your parcels, you can use our online tracking app. It is user friendly, can be accessed equally well from any device. Also, our UPS tracking website does not require registration and does not provide any sort of paid subscriptions or services. All you have to do is prepare your parcel number, type it into the input field, click on the button next to the input line and wait a bit until the system process your UPS tracking information and prepares a report. You can choose to access the detailed report or simply check the most recent status update. That’s entirely up to you.

  • Your UPS tracking number doesn’t work?

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    At times the system might not recognize the number you’ve entered, or the results of tracking might be inconclusive. In such cases, you should prepare your UPS tracking number and get in touch with company’s customer support to get help from the representative. Customer support team will do their best to provide assistance regarding each particular case. The usual problem would also be when the customer lost their tracking number. Unfortunately, since UPS tracking by number is the only existing option, not much can be done without a valid parcel number, so be sure to keep it safe until delivery is complete.

  • Why can’t I do UPS tracking by name?

    For those of you, who have somehow misplaced or forgotten their tracking number, or simply does not want to enter all those symbols, UPS tracking by name might seem like the most desired option. But unfortunately, due to the number of parcels processed by the company daily, not recipient’s nor the sender’s full name cannot be effectively used to identify a piece of mail. That is why if you want your UPS tracking to show valid results, you are to use parcel number.

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UPS review by MS


Guaranteed delivery date Feb 16, said it would be here by 8pm. Now they say it will be here by Feb 22. Checked tracking and it has been sitting in their warehouse for 2 days. Is that any way to run a business? I would be embarrassed to say I work there. Amazon, why do you use this service?

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UPS review by George blunter


Extremely poor or zero service.

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UPS review by Zack


Just terrible. Rubbish. Do better ups

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UPS review by Mrs Rosalind A Wong


Unsure if will ever get parcel - had I known the seller was US based would never have ordered.Thank goodness I didn't spend a lot of money on this item - will chalk it up to experience and only buy from UK suppliers in future.

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UPS review by Renner Kent Ronald


Tracking info wrong. Package location unknown. Ty for screwing up my kids birthday. UPS is laying off 12,000. Just shut it down and let Fedx do your job. UPS IS HORRIBLE.

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UPS review by Paul


Once again UPS provides the wrong information. My phone says one thing and my computer says something else. I get a text message saying that my package would be delivered around 12:00 PM +/-, but as always it will deliver after 7:00 PM. This is not the first time this has happened. This is the first time I am posting about this situation.

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